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Dr. K

I will start us out. Most of you participating in this topic will be teaching in a P-12 setting. Some of us will be teachers of current and future teachers. I am an assistant professor at Delta State. I teach graudate and undergraduate courses in special education in the Division of Teacher Education.I will post the demographics for Delta State shortly. DSU candidates who will be participating in this discussion topic are currently taking a graduate course in a methods class on mild/moderate disabilities that I teach along with an adjunct intstructor. She is also currently teaching in an elementary school in Clarksdale, MS and will join the discussion.

tomora johnson

Hello! My name is Tomora Johnson. I am currently teaching in Rosedale, MS at West Bolivar Middle School. I teach sixth grade science to 76 students. Most of my students are black. I have one Hispanic girl, 3 white girls. no white boys and the rest are black boys and girls. Most of the students are recieving free or reduced lunch. This is my first year with older children. I like it but I think I would rather be with the little ones in elementary. Teaching is a challenge in itself.

Leslie Bishop

My name is Leslie Bishop. I am a preschool teacher at Delta State University Child Development Center. The ages are two and three year old children. My classroom consits of nine boys and three girls so the class is pretty loud most of the day. I have one little boy that is severly mentally retarded. He is in a wheelchair. He can't walk, talk or even feed himself. I love all my children and love being a teacher.

Gina Exum

My name is Gina Exum. I am a special education teacher at Heidelberg Elementary School in Clarksdale, Mississippi. I have been teaching in this school for 20 years. I use inclusion and the pull out model in my teaching of kindergarten students through fifth grade students. My students have eligibility rulings of SLD, DD, and OHI. The demographic of our school are 82% black, 16% white, and 2% hispanic.
All students in the school speak English.

Tricia Killebrew

My name is Tricia Killebrew and I teach Special Education at Booker T. Washington Elementary in Clarksdale, MS. I teach in a self-contained classroom. The students are ages 5-9 and have either a D.D. ruling or SPR ruling. All students in the school are African American and speak English. I teach some of the sweetest children I have ever been around and enjoy driving 40 miles to and from work everyday. My undergrad degree is in Special Education from Delta State Univeresity and I am currently working on my Master's at DSU. I eventually would like to work towards a Specialist's Degree.

roiana correro

My name is Roianna Correro. I am a speech language pathologist. I work at Pearman Elementary and Nailor Elementary in Cleveland. Pearman is composed of blacks, whites and hispanics. The percentage of the school is about 70% black, 28% white, and 2% hispanic. Nailor is 99.9% black with one white child. I work mainly with kindergarteners. Their rulings include DD and SLD . I also have a few older speech children who are SLD ruled. I work as an inclusion language specialist, but I also pull some students for regular speech therapy. I love my job. It is something I never saw myself doing, but now I couldn't see myself anywhere else.

Edquina Stapleton

My name is Edquina Stapleton and I teach 8th grade Computer Discovery at Solomon Middle School in Greenville, MS. I teach 110 students and they all are African Americans. I do not have any Hispanics or White students this year. I teach all of the diploma, inclusion. Majority of the students comes from a low or middle class family. I enjoy teaching, but I would rather teach at the high school level. Students at the high school level is better disciplined that middle school students. Some people might say they will never teach, but someone has to do it.

Ada Edwards

Hello Everybody! My name is Ada Edwards. I am an eighth grade reading teacher at Solomon Middle School. The students I teach, age range from 13-16 years old. I have only one Caucasian student and the rest are African Americans. This year I only teach three inclusion students and they are all labeled as SLD. I am currently working on my Masters in Special Education and learning alot of new techniques that are enhancing my teaching ability.

Ellaweas Jackson

my name is Ellaweas Jackson. I live in Boyle, MS. I goes to school at Delta State University. I am in Special Education for my Master degree. I do not work in the school systems. I enjoy my teachers who teach me on Monday and Wednesday night class. When I do get a good job the stuff I am learning now will be greatly valued.

Catharine Whittaker

Hello, My name is Dr. Whittaker and I teach at the State University of New York at New Paltz which is in the Hudson River Valley about 80 north of New York City. Our area is a mixture of small cities, suburban areas and rural areas. I am the Co-Coordinator for the Special Education Master's Program at our university. I am currently teaching a class entitled "Teaching Students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds" to graduate students who are primarily in special education and literacy education. I also teach a class called "Differentiated Instruction in the Secondary Schools" to undergraduates who will be teaching on the secondary level when they graduate. Although we have a fairly diverse campus, most teacher education candidates here are White. The schools in the area range from predominantly African American and Hispanic to predominantly White. I will encourage both of my classes to get on the blog and introduce themselves. I've really enjoyed hearing about each of you. I hope you will be willing to answer questions about your teaching and your relationships with your students, staff and families.

Lela Stanton

Hello, My name is Lela Stanton, and I teach first grade at Brooks Elementary School, in Duncan Ms. All of the students' in my classroom are black, except for one and he is hispanic. I teach Intergrated Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, P.E. and Art. I enjoy teaching and I can't wait to teach children with special needs.

Cozette Thigpen

Hello. My name is Cozette Thigpen. I teach Desktop Publishing, Business Law, and Advanced Software Topics at Ruleville Central High School in Ruleville, MS. My classes are made up of 3 Hispanic students, 2 Caucasins, and 45 African Americans. I have 7 inclusion students. I currently working on my Master's degree in Special Education. All of the students are from middle to low incomes and speak English. I love my job and enjoy my students.

Hertensia Farmer

Hello. My name is Hertensia Farmer. I am a 7th grade teacher at D.M.Smith Middle School. The school is predominately black. I know that we have one white female and several boys of mixed nationalites. I am not sure what their backgrounds are. I teach math. It is the most difficult to teach to african american children next to reading.I love my job; however, it is challenging. This year I have inclusion students in 3 of the five of the classes I teach. That is another challenge. And I am learning new things about inclusion as the year go by. Most of my student get free or reduced lunch and are from families with low to middle incomes. Everyone speaks english.

Karla Crawford

Hello everyone,

My name is Karla Crawford and I work at Ruleville High School in Ruleville, MS. I started as a substitue teacher working with 9th and 12th graders. Most of the student body consists of African American students. Now, I'm Special Education Assistant for a student. I'm responsible for following the student assisting the student to class three days a week. I will help the student take notes, complete assignments, and tutoring if needed.

Sharron Smith

Hello! My name is Sharron Smith. I am a 2nd grade teacher at West Bolivar Elementary in Rosedale, MS. This is my fourth year teaching 2nd grade and I love it. My school is predominately black with the exception of 7 white students and 2 Hispanic students. All the students at my school does not receive free lunch. Many students have to pay reduced or full price for eating. This is our first year with inclusion, therefore everyone is trying to find out how it works and what it includes. Although it is new to everyone, we are successfully doing the procedures that it calls for. I love my job and I will continue to help students become successful in school and in the real world.

Ruth Giles

My name is Ruth Giles. I am presently teaching Job Skills Math at Clarksdae High School. There are 777 students enrolled at CHS. 87% of the students are Africian American 12% Caucasin, and 1% Asians. There are no Native Americans or Hispanics. Most of my students are SLD, EMR, and a few EMD. I enjoy teaching however, I truely enjoy helping my students to become successful adults.

Lequetta Williams

Hello. My name is Lequetta Williams. I work at an insurance company here in Cleveland, MS. I'm working on a master degree in Special Education at Delta State University. I don't teach in the school system but I was given an opportunity to observe both elementary and secondary students. I think that teaching will have some beneficial rewards for me.

Lequetta Williams

Hello. My name is Lequetta Williams. I work at an insurance company here in Cleveland, MS. I'm working on a master degree in Special Education at Delta State University. I don't teach in the school system but I was given an opportunity to observe both elementary and secondary students. I think that teaching will have some beneficial rewards for me.

Kaysie Blunt

Good evening everyone. My name is Kaysie Blunt. I teach Kindergarten at Armstrong Elementary in Greenville, MS. The student body is totally African American. The school is located in a poverty-stricken area, where students are socially and economically disadvantaged. Everyone in the school speaks English. I love my job and I enjoy working with all students.

Gloria Riley

Hello, my name is Gloria Riley. I am a third grade teacher at Brooks Elementary, In Duncan MS. I have 15 students, of which 5 are resource students. I love teaching my the students, especially my resource students. They are unique in their own way, or needs.

Richard S. Fowler

To all those in New York. How's the weather? I'm Richard Fowler, a highly qualified and experienced sped teacher, working through an intense Sped graduate program at Delta State University. I have a question for UP STATE NY. But before I ask, I need to write. According to IDEA 97, at the age of 14, a student's IEP must reflect transition needs that focus on the student's course of study. Beginning in the 9th grade, students with disabilities, along with parents and committee members, come together to develop transition plans, set goals and determine exiting documents. I will attempt an esoteric question. After assessment, if a student elects to exit secondary education with an occupational diploma, how would full inclusion affect the requirements and the exiting process? If the question seems convoluted, try to envision a frail 58 year-old white man (me) sipping on his third cup of coffee.

cathy coleman-dancer

My name is Cathy Coleman-Dancer. I am a first year teacher at Cypress Park Elementary in Cleveland, MS, where I teach fifth grade math and science. The ethnic make-up of my school is 100% African American. Though I am Aferican American, this setting is totally new for me. When and hwere I attenede school there was always some ethnic diversity. The one thing I'm struggling with, is the inclusion setting, mainly because all of the inclusion students are in my homeroom and I have not had the opportunity to experience such as a new teacher. With help from my co-wokers and instructors at Delta State University, maybe I will overcome.

Rosalynn Lampkin

Hi,My name is Rosalynn Lampkin. I am a Secondary Special Education teacher at Drew High School in Drew, MS. Drew High is a predominately black school. Most of my students are labeled SLD. I have three students who are labeled EMR. Everyday is a challenge, but I enjoy working with them.

Robin Davis

My name is Robin Z. Davis. I am currently teaching pre-kindergarten 4 year olds at Indianola Academy in Indianola, MS. I am working on my master's degree in special education at DSU. I have taught kindergarten through second grade and am looking forward to trying something different.

Sherry McDaniel

Hello, my name is Sherry McDaniel. I teach at Shaw High School in Shaw, Mississippi. I teach U.S. History. U. S. Government, and Economics. The students I teach are 11th and 12th grade students. They are wonderful students who strive to do their best every day. I am currently working on a seond Master's Degree at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. I received a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, MS in the Spring of 2004. I am very honored to have the opportunity to share this with you.

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