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linda ayegbaroju

As a parent in the Missisiippi Delta I worry about my son and if he is being treated fair in the room. His ADHD causes him to display negative behavior some times which causes the teacher to form a negative opionion about him. Teachers continue to look at my son as a bad child and not the disability which causes him to act out. He makes all A's and B's. I am not justifying his behavior but I do feel if they could try to understand some of the characteristics/strategies of a ADHD child then he would get a fair chance in some of the teachers room.

Abby Rowland

I can remember students with AD/HD in the private school I attended. I remember that they were scolded and told to take their medication in front of everyone. That really scared me because my younger brother was diagnosed with ADHD and took medication. I remember telling my mom about these students. She took it upon herself to talk to the teachers to make sure this was no going on with my brother. He eventually transferred to another private school that accepted and helped him. He did not take medication long because organizational skill and behavior modification worked well for him. He just graduated from a private school and looks forward to attending college. I just feel that parents of students with and without disabilities must talk to the teachers and address any issues. I know as a teacher, I am willing to help parents anyway I can and help them with any problems that are within my "reach." Parents really need to talk to their children's teachers. It can make a world of difference.


I am not a parent of a child with a disability. I am not even a parent. I don't think it is just a problem with the classrooms in the delta. It could be anywhere that a teacher of special need children is not teaching what is needed to be taught.

Jerome Daniels

I am a special education teacher and have been working with students with special needs for the past ten years. From my vantage point, I have observed a gigantic leap in the quality improvement of special education programs in th delta area. Three years ago, I noticed that most of the students were placed in all resource classes and graduated with a certificate of education.Now most of the students are in inclusion setting and prepared to graduate with a diploma. NCLD is the driving force behind this academic growth because the schools must be held accountable for all students to be educated including those with disabilites, and the Federal funds to the schools are based on the educational accountibilty.

Dr. K

If you know other parents of children with disabilities who would like to interact here, please give them our web address and invite them to participate. Linda, you might find some helpful suggestions through other parents and I am sure that you can help them too.

Takisha Causey

I'm also not a parent of a child with a disability. I do not have any children yet. My only concern is that teachers in the delta need to be trained to teach students with disabilities.

Bobbie Amos

I am not a parent of a child that has a disability. My question is how do we know if the faculty is doing what is required for these type of students?

Latita Harden

I am not a parent either, but I still think it is very important for parents to stay involved with issues dealing with their child's education. To me, more emphasis goes to parents that have children with disabilities. Parents need to take it upon themselves to investigate what their children are learning. Set goals with the child and the teacher and follow-up on the progrerss.

Patricia Silas

I am not a biological parent of a student with exceptional needs. However I have worked with exceptional needs student for seven years during the summer. I feel like thier parent.The program has made tremendous progress in helping parents get the help that their child need in the program. Sometimes parents have to get ugly and tell them the problem they are encountering. Most of the time the parents are satsified and the program can run smoothly without interruptions from disgruntle parents.

Ethel Gibson

I have two nephews in special services. They both have taken my class and I observe them in their day to day activities.They get the treatment they are supposed to because their mother works at their school and so do I. My boss is assured of the fact that I have informed my sister of her writes and the services the district is to provide. It is sad that they main reason you do right by a child is because you are being closly watched. I inform my sister the same way as I do my other parents. We are hear to serve you and your children. Our district does need a van for the superintendent to ride around in when he is paid a salary to buy his means of transportation. That money can be used to purchase assistive devices needed by the district to serve our children. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND! THE GOVERNMENT DROVE OFF AND LEFT THEM !! Give our children the chance they deserve. One has a severe case of asthma and the other is SLD. Both are doing well in their classes. The problems they had in one district they are not having in this district. This district also has a lot of activities for the students after school. They help them realize that they fit in the world as a whole. It is not because of what your label says, but because of who you are. You are a worthy individual.

brenda kemp

I totally agree with Latita, I think the parents should be involved in their child's education. If the parents don't get involved they won't know what is going in the classroom.

Bobbie Amos

That is right Latica. I think the parents need to be involved in the child's educational setting whether they are in special education or regular education. Parents play a vital role in their children's education. My son does not have a disability, but, I am a very active parent. The staff at his school knows that he has supportive parents who care.

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