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Jerome Daniels

I feel that labeling a child such as special education lowers the child's self-esteem. It has a negative impact on the child's psychological well being. Labeling also has a harmful effect on the child's social life. Labeling is a form of de-evaluating a student. I think the only time you should label a student is when it is done by professionals for educational purposes.

Robin Z Davis

As a teacher in the past I think that when a child is labeled special ed. then you automatically think and react to that child in a different way. It's not because I want to but it is all I have known and you treat the child differently than you would a child not labeled.That is one reason that I am going into special education so that my children will be able to feel comfortable around children that are different and not be afraid. I want them to know that even though they may be a little different, we can still get to know the person. I grew up at being very sheltered from people with disabilities. We did not have children in my school with disabilities that were physical, now they were probably some that had learning disabilties but that was kept hush,hush.
So I think that not only should we be out there educating children with disabilities in regular classrooms, but we should also educate other parents, educators,and anyone else that just because a child has a label does not mean that he needs to be fixed.

linda ayegbaroju

I feel labeling a student is wrong. It had been proven so many times in the past that a person can shape his or her future. I have heard so many success stories about how a student had a disability but use other strenghts in his or her life to overcome them. Labeling can help create low self esteem in students and even depression. It also shapes the teachers mind about the student.

Latita Harden

When I was in high school, we as students labeled the kids that were in Sped classes. We wouldn't talk to the boys just because they were in the "special classes". We never gave them a chance even though our high school mainly had kids with mild disorders. Now that I am grown, I realize what we did was wrong. Labeling those boys had horrible effects on their self-esteem. They really had no social life at school, and it was mainly because of people like me. We all have differences, and I myself would not be happy if I was judged by them.

Marie Herrin

As a teacher of children with severe disabilities, I think we should have some labels because as a teacher I will have a better understanding of that child if I know that he/she is autistic. But in the public eye I believe that labels for children that are LD, ADHD and other disabilities should not be made ready available to them. I believe that people are judgmentally if they do not understand. That is were we as teachers of expectational children come in. We need to be able to educate these people so that they are not judgmentally and know how to deal with this children.

Kim Nance

I feel that labeling when warrented, can be a productive way for teachers and evaluators to place students with special needs in the environments that they need to be placed in. Labeling in itself is wrong especially when there is such an emphasize placed on children to fit into the group and to belong. Labeling a child can be damaging to their self-esteem and their self-concept.

Rosalynn Lampkin

I feel like labeling is wrong. I know of people who took special education classes in high school, one of the guys is working on his masters in Alabama and the other is teaching high school in Missouri. In school we are so quick to label students and call names. Children can be very cruel. This usually cause problems in the students social life and academic achievement. That's why I think it is better not to label the students.

Abby Rowland

I don't think that labeling should be allowed. It really hurts students. I can remember a girl in my class being labeled "slow" because she was going to resource. In the regular class, she would cry and not do work because someone would tell her she was slow and needed to go back to the resource room to do her baby work. I just feel that this could have been avoided. Students don't need to be referred to by any label because they could start to live up to that name. Like a student labeled as a discipline problem will become real disruptive if he or she is reminded that that is how they should act. Please refrain from labeling any and all students!

Gina Exum

This is a difficult subject for me to answer. When students are assessed, in order for them to receive special services, they must be given some sort of disability in order to qualify for services. I believe these situations, when handled properly, do not cause children to feel different. In my school, the sped children are inclued in every aspect of the school; therefore, the other children do not think of them as different. The students as a whole are very kind to these exceptional children and always want them to be a part. I am always having students from regular education classes ask me if I can help them or that they want to be in my class because they love the extra attention and the help that they see my students getting.

Kenyia Procter

Labeling is cruel, but it occurs so much in schools and in other settings. Labeling lowers the students' self-esteem and interaction with others. Students in special education often feel inferior to their peers because of the labels and name calling. School should really address the issue of labeling special students.


I would be upset if things were that way. People who have disabilities already have it hard enough without people only recognizing what they cant do.

Bobbie Amos

I agree with Jerome. I think that labeling a child 'special ed' does lowers his/her self-esteem and affects their social life.

Justine Walker

Labeling is not a nice thing to do. Mnay people do not realize that they hurt a person feeling by labeling them. I would feel out of place if someone would label me because of my disability.

brenda kemp

I feel that labeling is wrong unless it is done by professionals to benefit the student. Other students will distance themselves from students with disabilities and not even try to get to know them. I feel the teachers and administrators need to step in and try to educate the all students on disabilities. Once again if you are not exposed to something how can you learn about it?

Wykena Brown

Labeling should not be done period. I feel that it is not appropriate to degrate a person with labels. It is just as bad as stereotyping. Just because you have a disability that does not mean that you will have it always such as being developmentally delayed. God is still in the miracle working business!

Ruth Giles

I would be very upset if I was only known by my disability instead of just the person who I really am. Labeling is wrong. Get to know a person before you judge them based on their disability. No one is perfect.

Hertensia Farmer

Recently, my son and I had lunch at McDonald's in our new "Super Wal-Mart".There were two people beside us at another table.
Me being the person I am I just minded my business and started to enjoy the company of my son. However, I noticed a lady looking at the two people at the table beside me. She had a very ugly look on her face. She looked as if she was Disgusted by whatever she was looking at. So, I looked to see what was she looking at. She was focussed on a person with a disabiity.
I immediately became upset. I did not like the way she was looking at him. I continued to observe her. I watched her whisper something to the child who was with her. I thought to myself, " I hope she is not saying something bad about that man and I hope she did not call him retarded person or slow person".
His presence did not bother me at all and I continued to have lunch with my son. The man attempted to talk with the person he was having lunch with and I could immediately detect that he has a speech-language impairment. My son looked a him in a strange way. I told him not to look at him that way because he was a man with a disability. My son did not know exactly what I saying, but he will learn to see the man first and not the disability.

Ezandra Washington

Labeling a person who has a disability is wrong. I wouldn't want anyone to label me if I had a disability. Every child is special in their own way and have their own abilities he/she are capable of. A lot of people label themselves as being popular, nerdy, or special ed especially in high school. Everyone have that particular group that they are in to make themselves different from everyone else. Giving that person a label can make their self-esteem high or low, but it all depends on what situation they are in. In this case, a person with a disability self-esteem will be low. People have to have self-determination about themselves and the things they are willing to do that makes them unique.

rosie gatlin

As a special education teacher I have experienced what labeling students does first hand. Once teachers in general education find out that a student has a disability they tend to treat the student as if they aren't capable of doing anything. It causes the students to withdraw when they are in their rooms or act out.I think that students shouldn't be known by their labels.

Diana Mills

I think labeling a child is only setting them up for failure. Labeling can cause low self-esteem, which can lead to other types of disabilities.Labeling can cause a teacher to set low expectations for that child. Their should be another way of getting students help who need it. Labeling should not be required.

Takisha Causey

If I was only known by my disabilities instead of my abilities, I would be depressed. I would feel like I did not belong. This will greatly influenced the way I act around people. I would always have in my mind that I do not fit in their circle. I feel when people put a label on students they set them up for failure. I agree with Jerome that labeling should only be used by professional for education purposes. Teachers should only label students if the label helps them get the necessary services they need. Labels can also separate students with disabilities from students without disabilities.

Patricia Silas

The Special Education program may be responsible for labeling special needs students. It was not purposefully. The Special Eduction program has been enhanced. Children in their program are now referred to as exceptional students. They are exceptional because of their ability to perform despite the labels that others place on them. The others include thier peers,educators, parents and the community. Labeling students sometimes lower thier self esteem and cause low performance. Labeling to me does not have to be an exceptioinal child. Regular education students can be labeled. Their self esteem is also lowered and thier performance level. Labeling gives students little outlook for career goals.Labeling a student for being in special services is never good. Whether that child has a distinct learning disability, no one including teachers has a right to braodcast it throughout the whole school. Labeling a student as special or sped material has been around for a long time. An example I can think of was a young man who was in the Special Education Program several years ago. He came back to that same school for employment. The teachers that knew him well informed the principal that he was once in Special Education. They snickered and said Oh, you sure can tell. So, just call the children by thier personal name despite their labels that some Special Edcuation Teachers give them. It is true that children in special services need a label in order to help identify their specific learning disability.It has to be a better way to inform parent, educators, peers, and the community so that these students dispite their disability can grow up to be successful in whatever they pursue in life.

Marcus Johnson

I don't think that labeling always has to be seen as negative. Labeling the problem or disorder is not the same as labeling the child. If you make it a habit of pointing out to the child that he has a problem it's not that "label", it's you making him/her feel inferior.

Ethel Gibson

I hate labeling. I grew up with that because of my color. Can you imagine what it feels like as a normal person to all of a sudden have your idenity change. I have gone from negro-colored-black, and finally african american. What is next? I know who I am, so what you call me does not count. It is what I answer to that matters. If I feel like this I can't begin to imagine who a person with a disability feels. It hurts to be labeled. There is no promise that you have the coping skills to deal with it. I consider myself normal and often I have to think about my reactions to certain situations to the label placed on me. The looks and the treatment you get. I wish we(including me) could be smart enough to just except people for who they are and the way God made them. What if God was special service with exceptionalities?

Alicia Curry

I think that labeling does affect a child, soemtimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. This is especially true if a child is old enough to understand what the labels mean. They may have the tendency to fit or act out the label that has been given them. In high school, it never bothered me to associate with the "SPED crew", as they were called. They were really sweet kids and were a lot more friendly than most. Nothing has changed now, as they are still good friends of mine!

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