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Marie Herrin

There are two wedsites that I use in my classroom. The first is Starfall.com. This website teaches phonics and the children love to go on it and due the activities. This website is free. The second is www.enchatedlearning.com. This website is a wonderful resource for activities that the students can make and great colorsheets. This website cost about $20's but is worth every penny. Also, when looking for materials use a good search wedsite, like google.

rosie gatlin

I use starfall as well in my classroom and at home with my daughters. I use for my lower functioning students. It provides them with a sense of independence when working on the computer. On starfall, it reads the story to them and it highlight the words as it moves along. Also, I was able to get some free books on two diffrent levels for my entire class.

Bobbie Amos

I have visited Starfall.com as well. I t is a very cool and unique website, esspecially for helping kids to read. I would like to see a website designed to help kids with all types of math problems such as learning to regroup during multiplication, addition, etc.

Hertensia Farmer

For my own children, I like to use starfall.com. It introduces the alphabets, , sounds, blends, and the basics that can be used for language and speech. There is reading for elementary levels also.
I also like teacherease.com. this website provides a grading system that is very convenient and time saving. It also gives time for what really matters, working with the students!

Ezandra Washington

Starfall.com is a website that I have visited many of times to enhance the learning with my cousins. This website is public free and have many activities that involves learning how to read, knowing the colors, alphabets,months, and days of the year. Starfall provides you with the basic information every Pre-K - 2nd grade should know. This website is great for children at home and at school to excel in learning.

Gina Exum

I also use starfall.com with my students. I think it is a great site and the children seem to really enjoy it for alphabet learning and phonics drills. It also has some reading activities on it. I also use www.primarygames for math activities. It has some cute activities on it. Another one is pbskid.org. My students love to work on the computer and it really seems to be a good reinforcer of skills.

Latita Harden

I have not yet used any website to look up activities and resources for classrooms. This is my first semester in education. I would like to find sources that would aid me in helping my students learn basic phonics and semantic skills for reading. I would like the website to have helpful hints that go into detail about ideas on teaching students how to read effectively. I would also like to read about retention exercises. Also it would be nice to find a website that brakes down the fundamentals of math.

Ethel Gibson

I visited this site and it has some great stuff on. I will incorporate this into my classes this fall. I think my students will love it!

Dr. K

Ethel, To what site are you referring? Latita and everyone who wasn't in first term CSP 682, check out the Web Sites #1 under Items of Importance in our WebCT course. There are some very good resources on this list.

Takisha Causey

I use pbskid. org for different activities in my classroom. I teach 8th grade reading and some of the kids in my classroom do not read on their grade level. I try to find different websites to help my students become fluent and successful readers. The first step to helping my students become good readers is to improve their vocabulary. I use puzzlemaker.com to help build my students vocabulary.My students love to work puzzles and it help them with their vocabulary words. I also use rubric.com to design different rubrics in my class. Each month my student has to read some type of required novel and complete a project. I give the students a copy of the rubric so they will know how they will be graded. It's very easy to type in the criterion and print the rubric out. I would recommend puzzlemaker and the rubric websites for teachers to use in their classroom. However google and askjeeves are wonderful for activities for reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Wykena Brown

I used pbs kids with my students this past school term. They really enjoyed working with it. The program involved things from alphabets, reading stories, counting, and coloring. The students loved it and I enjoyed the smiles on their faces because they were excited about the things that they could do on the computer.

Bobbie Amos

I am going to try out pbskid.org. I am sure that both my son and I will enjoy it.

Alicia Curry

I am not a teacher yet and therefore have not used any websites in the classroom, but for my own personal use, I have visited enchantedlearning.com a number of times to get ideas on putting lessons together for a methods course I took in Biology. I also visit nickjr.com on occasion because the characters on each show line-up has a variety of activities on their page. I especially visiting the Dora the Explorer page. This would be an ideal website to visit to help teachers incorporate bilingual activities into their lesson.

Rosalynn Lampkin

I am not currently teaching, but I have visited several websites that would possibly be helpful in the classroom. PBS kids has information to help build student essential skills. Information is provided for parents and teachers. I have also used starfall.com it is helpful in enhancing student reading. I'm am using Starfall.com at home with my son helping him with sounds and colors.

brenda kemp

I have used superduperinc.com with my niece and in clinic sessions. There are many great activities to help with vocabulary building, listening skills, social skills such as turn taking and sharing information. The students seem to enjoy these different activities. I think this a great website to use.

linda ayegbaroju

Edhelper.com is the website I love to use. It has everything a teacher would want. I download forms for discipline,miss homework, parent conference and more. It also have activites which help reinforce what a teacher might be teaching in the classroom. It even has a electronic gradebook. I don't really use other websites but I will try out pbs.kids and see if I like it.

Kenyia Procter

I’m familiar with pbskids.org and starfall.com both are great websites. I use both with my five- year-old niece and she enjoys the different activities that each site offers. I’ve heard of Edhelper, but never used the site. After spending some time surfing the Edhelper site, I learned that the site is interesting and provides a lot of resources for teachers.

Patricia Silas

Hi, my name is Patricia Silas. In our classroom we use starfall.com. This website is used with the program Reading First in our classroom. We use also Learnersplanet.com and puzzlemaker.com websites. These websites help students with segmentation and phonemic awareness.


I really don't have a favorite website for activities. I don't have my own classroom as of yet. When ever this happens for me I will be looking at some of the sites that everyone is suggesting.

Kim Nance

I also use enchantedlearning.com and I love it. I paid the $20 to use the advanced services. I use this site to get activities for my elementary spanish students and my high school students as well. I have also used this site for private tutoring. I am also a member of the Foreign Language Teacher's Website. I get e-mails everyday from fellow FL teachers looking for answer concerning classroom activities and teaching practices. It has been a very informative website.

Jerome Daniels

The website I use for reading is Schoolhouse.com. It has activities that enhance reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking. I also use Math Goodies.com. It has activities that include the four operations of mathematics, the activities are on the various instructional levels which are challenging to the students and they enjoy doing the activities.

Diana Mills

I am not currently teaching, but I visited the website starfall.com, and I can see how it would be helpful in the classroom for reading and phonics. I also visted the PBS website and found it to be interesting. Schoolhouse.com also seemed that it would be helpful in the classroom.

Abby Rowland

Some of my favorite web sites include www.starfall.com, discovery.school.com, and www.scholastic.com. On Starfall, I let my students play games that are all reading and listening related. They love it. At Discovery School, I make puzzles from vocabulary and spelling words and use the clip art in my newsletters. Scholastic.com not only lets you purchase books for your classroom, but you can get wonderful graphic organizers to use in the classroom. THey're so wonderful.

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